Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Change is only things that constant in Life

How many times you would have heard this saying? How many times something changed in your life and you were sad about it? How many times something changed in your life and you were happy about it?

I am heading towards the biggest change of my life. I am getting married. A lot of things would change. I want to be prepared for it but everyday when i think about my D-Day i get scared. Little things which I take for granted would change. Things that defined who I am would change. I am both happy and sad about it.

Things like my surname. I was born with surname Joshi. The first thing probably my parents taught me was my name - Kritika Joshi. All through 28 years of my life I was known as Kritika Joshi. My school mark sheets, my certificates which I won in competition, the offer letter when I got my first job, my passport by which i have an identity of being Indian citizen...everywhere I am known as Kritika Joshi. I know myself as Kritika Joshi. Yet on 27th Jan...I'll become Kritika Savani. The surname of my husband would be added to my name. I'll move on from being my father's daughter to my husband's wife leaving behind whatever my father gave me and accepting what my husband would give me.

The place which I call my home would change. Since the time I was born I have known my parents house as my home. That’s the place where I first learned to walk. That’s the place where I learned so many lessons of my life. That’s the place where i used to sit outside in winters, surrounded by the sweet smell from garden, feeling the cold wind brush against my cheeks and reading novels. Yet on 27th Jan, it won’t be my home anymore. My husband's home would be my home. A place I used to frequently visit for a cup of tea or evening time pass as friends would be the place I would be living in. In the morning when I’ll get up, my sister wont be there snuggling beside me or my pet dog wont be barking for attention. My mom would no longer come and hug me in the morning to tell me to get up and have the breakfast she cooked for me. My father wont be there sitting on breakfast table, ready to head to office. I would no longer be the daughter of my home...I'll become daughter-in-law of my husband's home.

The space which my parents have in my life would change. All through my life they were first for me. They saw me taking my first step, they were first to hear when I spoke my first word, they were first to see me off to my school, they were first to offer me my first pocket-money. When i won my first award at school they were first to know and celebrate it with me. They were the only people i could think of when had my first salary. My life revolved around them. On 27th priorities would have to change. I will have Ashish's parents as my parents. For the first time in my life my parents would have to take second place in my life.

On 27th Jan Ashish and I would be tied through the relationship of marriage. Its amazing how a single event in my life has the capability to change so many things in my life. I am sad about the things which will be left behind, yet I am happy about the new beginnings. I am scared of leaving most precious relationships behind yet I am happy about new relationships. My heart is filled with joy but at the same time scared of the change which will bring with it loads of things which would be new to me. My life is going to start all over again...but this time Ashish will be there beside me, holding my hand through the ups and down of my life. I know change is the only thing constant in life...yet we never have enough time to prepare for it.


Savy said...

Amidst all these changes, one thing which i can assure as constant is, US.. :)
Looking forward to hold your hand in making all these changes happen for good for us...

Maniroolz said...

Good post yaar. Makes me re realise how difficult twas for my wifey when she had to let go and move with me.

We went to Udaipur, on a holiday last month. Man, u live in wonderland.. Awesome place!

Hakim said...

I think it’s a choice. You have made a choice so rather than being sad and I’d say enjoy it. You are getting more responsibility and that’s only thing that changes. You will have your parents and his parent. You can still have your name and cold wind when you are reading a novel ...but now you will have a family to think about and it’s a good bargain.

soma said...

hey kitten
though this was your sole feeling but actually you reflected every girls feeling in your thought process.since i have been there before all of you so i can understand exactly how are you feeling ,it's mixed response.

But as you have said yourself the door in which you are entering on 27th jan is open with warmth in your welcome ,that is also another family in which you will enter and will make your own place .
one thing i disagree with you that parents will always be in our life no matter who else becomes a part of your life ,it's simply that you have to maintain a balance .and it's just that in this new house u have to still create a space for yourself,you are not born with it it's challenging ,accept it ,enjoy it and move on in your life with all those things and people whom you keep close to your heart.

And just like that change is permanent in life ,in the same way one thing a person can't do it that we can never go back ,it's our destiny to move on and only they are the successful enjoy ur day and wish u loads of smile today and alwasy bhabhi.

parsu said...

hey kritika once again well written.U dnt know since when i was waiting for ur next post.
Gud job done.

Anonymous said...

God bless you my child, well written. Am sure Chiku will never disappoint you.

Anonymous said...

I kno Chiku since November 1979. Am old enough to remember the dates exactly, I think it was 3rd Nov. M damn sure he will always keep u happy. Wish u & Chika a very happy & everlasting married life.

Anonymous said... express yourself beautifully...keep it up...I guess you can become a very good novelist.

Anonymous said...

u no kritika my daughter is also sharing your name and surname i hope she writes as well as you one day!!